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Differences in Physicians' and Nurses' Recent Suicide Attempts: An Exploratory Study
Braquehais, M.D.; Eiroá Orosa, Francisco José; Holmes, K.M.; Lusilla, P.; Bravo, M.; Mozo, X.; Mezzatesta, M.; Casanovas, M.; Pujol, T.; Sher, L.
Universitat de Barcelona
The aim of this study was to examine the characteristics of physicians' and nurses' suicide attempts (SA). A retrospective review of 493 medical records of physicians and nurses admitted to an inpatient unit for health professionals; 36 patients had a recent SA. Depression, cluster B and C personality disorders, and a history of previous SA were more prevalent in patients with a recent SA compared to those without it. Both professional groups preferred drug overdose as a suicide method. Physicians made more lethal attempts and had a history of more previous stressors than nurses. Depression, cluster B and C personality disorders, and previous SA should be appropriately screened and treated in order to prevent SA amongst physicians and nurses.
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