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Implementation and Evaluation of the "Learning Together, Growing In Family Programme": The Impact on the Families
Amorós, Pere; Balsells, M. Àngels; Buisan, M.; Byrne, S.; Fuentes-Peláez, Núria
Universitat de Barcelona
The article looks at the characteristics of the programme and its application and evaluation. We have chosen a mixed methodological focus that is characterised by a research process that collects analyses and links quantitative and qualitative data, as well as its integration and joint discussion, to achieve a greater understanding of the phenomenon under study. The application has been under- taken with 1,834 people of whom 1,270 have undertaken the programme (609 parents and 661 children), and 564 (296 parents and 268 children) formed part of the control group. The results show that after the programme the strict (authoritarian) style, permissive style, criticism and rejection have decreased and paren- tal affection and communication have increased. There has been an increase in leisure activities undertaken in the family, both in everyday and special activities, satisfaction with family life has improved and there has been greater community integration along with learning processes of an emotional, behavioural and cog- nitive nature. We describe proposals for change to improve the efficiency of the programme by means of going deeper into the subject matter of the programme and the creation of reference bodies to establish networking with the small entities, attending to the largest number of families possible within the characteristics of the programme.
Educació familiar
Educació per a la vida familiar
Avaluació educativa
Domestic education
Family life education
Educational evaluation
(c) Universitatea 'Alexandru Ioan Cuza', 2013
Universitatea 'Alexandru Ioan Cuza'

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