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Breaking the Silence at Spanish Universities: Findings From the First Study of Violence Against Women on Campuses in Spain
Valls, Rosa; Puigvert, Lídia; Melgar Alcantud, Patrícia; Garcia Yeste, Carme
The first research conducted on violence against women in the university context inSpain reveals that 62% of the students know of or have experienced situations of thiskind within the university institutions, but only 13% identify these situations in the firstplace. Two main interrelated aspects arise from the data analysis: not identifying andacknowledging violent situations, and the lack of reporting them. Policies and actionsdeveloped by Spanish universities need to be grounded in two goals: intransigencetoward any kind of violence against women, and bystander intervention, support, andsolidarity with the victims and with the people supporting the victims
Violència envers les dones
Women -- Abuse of
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