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Validation of Whole-Slide Imaging for Histolopathogical Diagnosis: Current State
Saco, A.; Ramírez, Josep; Rakislova, Natalia; Mira, Aurea; Ordi i Majà, Jaume
Rapid advances in informatics and technological improvements have led to the development of high-throughput whole-slide imaging (WSI) scanners able to produce high-quality digital images, which allow achieving a correct diagnosis of the biopsies using virtual viewers. This technology is currently prepared to be introduced in the departments of pathology for routine diagnosis. The aim of this review is to analyze the current evidence regarding the use of WSI in primary or routine diagnosis in the different subspecialties of pathology. An increasing number of studies have shown almost perfect inter- and intraobserver agreement between the diagnoses obtained with WSI and the classical diagnoses based on conventional light microscopy. The only exception seems to be cytology, which still requires some technological development. Although validation studies are needed in some areas of pathology, growing evidence indicates that WSI is a reliable tool for routine diagnosis. Pathologists have a positive perception of the ergonomics of the workstations, the low magnification of WSI and the possibility of making annotations and measurements. WSI can be used from any device and anywhere, thereby providing great opportunities for teleconsultation. New technologies such as the recognition of histopathology patterns using image analysis may facilitate diagnosis and improve the reproducibility among pathologists in the future.
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