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Congenital and perinatally-acquired infections in resource-constrained settings
Madrid, Lola; Varo, Rosauro; Sitoe, A.; Bassat Orellana, Quique
INTRODUCTION: Congenital and perinatal infections are a leading cause of neonatal and infant morbidity and mortality. Maternal screening, vaccines or treatment where available, constitute effective prevention strategies to reduce the burden of these diseases. Data on the burden of congenital and perinatal infections are very limited for low and middle-income regions. AREAS COVERED: This review aims to summarize the burden of congenital and perinatal infections and the main challenges for their control in resource-limited settings. Articles were identified through the main electronic databases and cover the period 1971- 2016. Expert commentary: Estimates from low and middle-income countries indicate that the burden of congenital infections may be higher in these regions than in industrialized countries. As preventive and curative strategies are available to tackle some of these infections, efforts at the international and national levels must be made to implement those and thus reduce their burden in resource-limited countries.
Mortalitat infantil
Malalties infeccioses
Infant mortality
Communicable diseases
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