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Mapping recent information behavior research: an analysis of co-authorship and co-citation networks
González Teruel, Aurora; González-Alcaide, G.; Barrios Cerrejón, M. Teresa; Abad García, María Francisca
Universitat de Barcelona
There has been an increase in research published on information behavior in recent years, and this has been accompanied by an increase in its diversity and interaction with other fields, particularly information retrieval. The aims of this study are to determine which researchers have contributed to producing the current body of knowledge on this subject, and to describe its intellectual basis. A bibliometric and network analysis was applied to authorship and co-authorship as well as citation and co-citation. According to these analyses, there is a small number of authors who can be considered to be the most productive and who publish regularly, and a large number of transient ones. Other findings reveal a marked predominance of theoretical works, some examples of qualitative methodology that originate in other areas of social science, and a high incidence of research focused on the user interaction with information retrieval systems and the information behavior of doctors.
Recuperació de la informació
Ciències de la informació
Information retrieval
Information science
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