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Generalized ray tracing method for the calculation of the peripheral refraction induced by an ophthalmic lens
Rojo Badenas, Pilar; Royo Royo, Santiago; Caum Aregay, Jesús; Ramírez, Jorge; Madariaga, Inés
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Departament d'Òptica i Optometria; Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. GREO - Grup de Recerca en Enginyeria Òptica
Peripheral refraction, the refractive error present outside the main direction of gaze, has lately attracted interest due to its alleged relationship with the progression of myopia. The ray tracing procedures involved in its calculation need to follow an approach different from those used in conventional ophthalmic lens design, where refractive errors are compensated only in the main direction of gaze. We present a methodology for the evaluation of the peripheral refractive error in ophthalmic lenses, adapting the conventional generalized ray tracing approach to the requirements of the evaluation of peripheral refraction. The nodal point of the eye and a retinal conjugate surface will be used to evaluate the three-dimensional distribution of refractive error around the fovea. The proposed approach enables us to calculate the three-dimensional peripheral refraction induced by any ophthalmic lens at any direction of gaze and to personalize the lens design to the requirements of the user. The complete evaluation process for a given user prescribed with a-5.76D ophthalmic lens for foveal vision is detailed, and comparative results obtained when the geometry of the lens is modified and when the central refractive error is over-or undercorrected. The methodology is also applied for an emmetropic eye to show its application for refractive errors other than myopia.
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Ophthalmic lenses
generalized ray tracing
Ophthalmic lens design
ophthalmic optics
peripheral refraction
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