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La unificación de la física de Maxwell y su idea de 'fertilización mutua de las ciencias' como desiderata metodológicos no reduccionistas para la ciencia social
Mundó Blanch, Jordi
Universitat de Barcelona
Maxwell's contribution to unification of electricity, magnetism and optics completely changed nineteenth-century physics, and its recategorization set the bases for the twentieth-century physics revolution. Modern social science is a fragmented field, characterized both by a poor integration between the concepts of economics, sociology, anthropology, psychology and history, and for a striking isolation from natural science. This article will explore the importance of incorporating to social science the methodological criteria of Maxwell's own conception in favor of a non-reductionist wide-ranging causal and conceptual integration between social science and natural science.
Filosofia de la ciència
Equacions de Maxwell
Philosophy of science
Maxwell equations
(c) Mundó Blanch, Jordi, 2014
Centro de Estudios Filosóficos, Políticos y Sociales Vicente Lombardo Toledano

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