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Chaotic dynamics and team effectiveness: evidence from professional basketball
Ramos-Villagrasa, P.J.; Navarro Cid, José; García-Izquierdo, A.L.
Universitat de Barcelona
Considering teams as complex adaptive systems (CAS) this study deals with changes in team effectiveness over time in a specific context: professional basketball. The sample comprised 23 basketball teams whose outcomes were analysed over a 12-year period according to two objective measures. The results reveal that all the teams showed chaotic dynamics, one of the key characteristics of CAS. A relationship was also found between teams showing low-dimensional chaotic dynamics and better outcomes, supporting the idea of healthy variability in organizational behaviour. The stability of the squad was likewise found to influence team outcomes, although it was not associated with the chaotic dynamics in team effectiveness. It is concluded that studying teams as CAS enables fluctuations in team effectiveness to be explained, and that the techniques derived from nonlinear dynamical systems, developed specifically for the study of CAS, are useful for this purpose.
Caos (Teoria de sistemes)
Treball en equip
Chaotic behavior in systems
Teams in the workplace
(c) Psychology Press, 2012
Psychology Press

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