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Ion-beam induced oxidation of GaAs and AlGaAs
Alay, Josep Lluís; Bender, H.; Vandervorst, Wilfried
Universitat de Barcelona
The oxidation of GaAs and AlxGa1−xAs targets by oxygen irradiation has been studied in detail. It was found that the oxidation process is characterized by the strong preferential oxidation of Al as compared to Ga, and of Ga as compared to As. This experimental observation, which has been accurately quantified by using x‐ray photoelectron spectroscopy, is connected to the different heats of formation of the corresponding oxides. The oxide grown by ion beam oxidation shows a strong depletion in As and relatively low oxidation of As as well. The depletion can be associated with the preferential sputtering of the As oxide in respect to other compounds whereas the low oxidation is due to the low heat of formation. In contrast Al is rapidly and fully oxidized, turning the outermost layer of the altered layer to a single Al2O3 overlayer, as observed by transmission electron microscopy. The radiation enhanced diffusion of oxygen and aluminum in the altered layer explains the large thickness of these altered layers and the formation of Al oxides on top of the layers. For the case of ion‐beam oxidation of GaAs a simulation program has been developed which describes adequately the various growth mechanisms experimentally observed
Espectroscòpia d'electrons
Electron spectroscopy
(c) American Institute of Physics , 1995
American Institute of Physics

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