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Quantification of human adenoviruses in European recreational waters
Bofill Mas, Silvia; Calgua de León, Byron Thomas; Clemente Casares, Pilar; La Rosa, Giuseppina; Iaconelli, Marcello; Muscillo, Michele; Rutjes, Saskia; Roda Husman, Ana Maria de; Grünert, Andreas; Graver, Ingeburg; Verani, Marco; Carducci, Annalaura; Calvo, Miquel; Wyn-Jones, A. Peter; Gironès Llop, Rosina
Universitat de Barcelona
The presence of human adenoviruses in recreational water might cause disease in the population upon exposure. Human adenoviruses detected by PCR could also serve as indicators of the virological water quality. In order to assess the applicability of human adenoviruses to the evaluation of the faecal contamination in European bathing waters, a real-time quantitative PCR assay was developed for the quantification of human adenoviruses in 132 samples collected from 24 different recreational marine and freshwater sites in nine European countries. Selected samples presenting positive nested-PCR results for human adenoviruses were analyzed using quantitative PCR and 80 samples from a total of 132 produced quantitative results with mean values of 3.2x102 10 per 100 ml of water, human adenovirus 41 being the most prevalent serotype. Human adenoviruses were quantified in samples from all 15 surveillance laboratories. Statistical analysis showed no homogeneous linear relation between human adenoviruses and E. coli, intestinal enterococci or somatic coliphages concentrations in the tested samples when considering all the data together. Significant correlations between human adenoviruses and at least one of the other indicators were observed only when data from individual Laboratories were considered. The quantification of human adenoviruses may provide complementary information in relation to the use of bacterial standards in the control of water quality in bathing water.
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