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Development and application of a one-step low cost procedure to concentrate viruses from seawater samples
Calgua de León, Byron Thomas; Mengewein, A.; Grünert, Andreas; Bofill Mas, Silvia; Clemente Casares, Pilar; Hundesa Gonfa, Ayalkibet; Wyn-Jones, A. Peter; López-Pila, Juan; Gironès Llop, Rosina
Universitat de Barcelona
A novel and simple procedure for concentrating adenoviruses from seawater samples is described. The technique entails the adsorption of viruses to pre-flocculated skimmed milk proteins, allowing the flocs to sediment by gravity, and dissolving the separated sediment in phosphate buffer. Concentrated virus may be detected by PCR techniques following nucleic acid extraction. The method requires no specialized equipment other than that usually available in routine public health laboratories, and due to its straightforwardness it allows the processing of a larger number of water samples simultaneously. The usefulness of the method was demonstrated in concentration of virus in multiple seawater samples during a survey of adenoviruses in coastal waters.
Aigua de mar
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