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Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Activity in Hypothermia and Rewarming. Can RONS Modulate the Beneficial Effects of Therapeutic Hypothermia?
Alva Bocanegra, Norma V. (Norma Violeta); Palomeque Rico, Jesús; Carbonell i Camós, Teresa
Universitat de Barcelona
Estrès oxidatiu
Ús terapèutic
Oxidative stress
Therapeutic use
cc-by (c) Alva Bocanegra, Norma V. (Norma Violeta) et al., 2013

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Carbonell i Camós, Teresa; Alva Bocanegra, Norma V. (Norma Violeta); Sanchez Nuño, Sergio; Dewey, Shannamar; Gomes, Aldrin V
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