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Cambios en el uso y la concepción de las TIC, implementando el Mobile Learning.
Grané, Mariona; Crescenzi Lanna, Lucrezia; Olmedo Casas, Karina
Universitat de Barcelona
This research analyses the actual use and conception of the ICT mobility that a life long learning group of students have. The students have participated in a Mobile Learning experience along an online postgraduate course, which was designed under a traditional e-learning perspective. The students received a tablet PC (iPad) in order to work at the course and also to use it in their personal and professional life. A complete and original pre-test / post-test questionnaire was applied before and after the course. This instrument was scientifically validated. Thru the questionnaire, uses tendency and students perceptions were studied. Frequencies, purposes, habits of use and valuation, as well as the device"s integration into their personal, social and professional life were studied. The analysis intents to apply the 'Social Technographics Profile" by Bernoff (2010) to classify, by profile groups, the users of the actual Internet. Finally a reflexion of the reasons and limits of the theory, in this study, and also the relation to reality is presented. The Inter-coding reliability and validity shows the possibility of applying the instrument on wider samples in order to get a closer look to the uses and actual conceptions of the ubiquitous ICTs.
Tecnologia de la informació
Aprenentatge electrònic
Preguntes d'opció múltiple
Educació superior
Information technology
Web-based instruction
Multiple-choice examinations
Higher education
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