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Correlation between species composition and soil properties in the pastures of Plana de Vic (Catalonia, Spain)
Casas i Arcarons, M. Carme (Maria Carme); Ninot i Sugrañes, Josep Maria
Universitat de Barcelona
The correlation between the species composition of pasture communities and soil properties in Plana de Vic has been studied using two multivariate methods, Correspondence Analysis (CA) for the vegetation data and Principal Component Analysis (PCA) for the soil data. To analyse the pastures, we took 144 vegetation relevés (comprising 201 species) that have been classified into 10 phytocoenological communities elsewhere. Most of these communities are almost entirely built up by perennials, ranging from xerophilous, clearly Mediterranean, to mesophilous, related to medium-European pastures, but a few occurring in shallow soils are dominated by therophytes. As for the soil properties, we analysed texture, pH, depth, bulk density, organic matter, C/N ratio and the carbonates content of 25 samples, corresponding to representative relevés of the communities studied.
Anàlisi multivariable
Vic (Catalunya)
Multivariate analyses
Soil science
Vic (Catalonia)
(c) Casas et al., 2003
Departament de Biologia Vegetal, Universitat de Barcelona

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