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Radio detections of the neutron star X-ray binaries 4U 1820 - 30 and Ser X-1 in soft X-ray states
Migliari, Simone; Fender, R. P.; Rupen, M.; Wachter, S.; Jonker, P. G.; Homan, J.; Van der Klis, M.
Universitat de Barcelona
Estels binaris de raigs X
Estels de neutrons
Astronomia de raigs X
X-ray binaries
Neutron stars
X-ray astronomy
(c) Migliari, Simone et al., 2004
Royal Astronomical Society

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Migliari, Simone; Fender, R. P.; Blundell, K. N.; Méndez, M.; Van der Klis, M.