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Comission 49: Interplanetary plasma and heliosphere. TRIENNIAL REPORT 2006 - 2009
Bougeret, Jean-Louis; Steiger, Rudolf von; Webb, David F.; Ananthakrishnan, Subramanian; Cane, Hillary V.; Gopalswamy, N.; Kahler, Stephen W.; Lallement, Rosine; Sanahuja i Parera, Blai; Shibata, Kazunari; Vandas, Marek; Verheest, Frank
Universitat de Barcelona
Commission 49 covers research on the solar wind, shocks and particle acceleration, both transient and steady-state, e.g., corotating, structures within the heliosphere, and the termination shock and boundary of the heliosphere. The present triennal report is particularly rich in important results and events. The crossing of the solar wind termination shock by Voyager 2 in 2007 is a highlight and a milestone that will certainly have important consequences for astrophysical processes in general (Section 7). The fiftieth anniversary of the International Geophysical Year (1957
1958), which is also the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the Space Age, was marked not only by celebrations and a strong Education and Public Outreach Program, but also by efforts in coordinating present observations and in starting new scientific programs, particularly implying developing countries (Section 8). Studies of solar energetic particles (Section 3) and the related radio bursts (Section 4) benefited from new data from a number of spacecraft. The STEREO mission was launched in October 2006 and has obtained new results on 3-D aspects of the inner heliosphere. Meanwhile, solar cycle 24 is expected to become active soon, following what is already the deepest solar minimum of the space age...
Vent solar
Sistema solar
Solar wind
Solar system
(c) International Astronomical Union, 2009
Cambridge University Press

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