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Electromagnetic radiation initiated by hadronic jets from microquasars in the ISM
Bosch i Ramon, Valentí; Aharonian, F. A.; Paredes i Poy, Josep Maria
Universitat de Barcelona
Microquasars are potential candidates to produce a non-negligible fraction of the observed galactic cosmic rays. The protons accelerated at the jet termination shock interact with the interstellar medium and may produce detectable fluxes of extended emission at different energy bands: high-energy and very high-energy gamma-rays produced by neutral pion-decay, synchrotron and bremsstrahlung emission in a wide energy range generated by the secondary electrons produced by charged pion-decay. We discuss the association between this scenario and some of the unidentified EGRET sources in the galactic plane.
Estels binaris de raigs X
Raigs gamma
Astronomia de raigs gamma
Raigs còsmics
X-ray binaries
Gamma rays
Gamma ray astronomy
Cosmic rays
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