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Calibrating the cosmic distance scale ladder: the role of the sound horizon scale and the local expansion rate as distance anchors
Cuesta, Antonio J.; Verde, Licia; Riess, A.; Jiménez, Raúl (Jiménez Tellado)
Universitat de Barcelona
We exploit cosmological model-independent measurements of the expansion history of the Universe to provide a cosmic distance ladder. These are supernovae Type Ia used as standard candles (at redshift between 0.01 and 1.3) and baryon acoustic oscillations (at redshifts between 0.1 and 0.8) as standard rulers. We calibrate (anchor) the ladder in two ways: first using the local H0 value as an anchor at z = 0 (effectively calibrating the standard candles) and secondly using the cosmic microwave background-inferred sound-horizon scale as an anchor (giving the standard ruler length) as an inverse distance ladder. Both methods are consistent, but the uncertainty in the expansion history H(z) is smaller if the sound-horizon scale is used. We present inferred values for the sound horizon at radiation drag rd which do not rely on assumptions about the early expansion history nor on cosmic microwave background measurements but on the cosmic distance ladder and baryon acoustic oscillations measurements. We also present derived values of H0 from the inverse distance ladder and we show that they are in very good agreement with the extrapolated value in a Lambda cold dark matter model from Planck cosmic microwave background data.
Expansió de l'univers
Expanding universe
(c) Cuesta, A.J. et al., 2015
Royal Astronomical Society

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