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Centuriación del territorio y modelación del paisaje en los llanos litorales de Barcino (Barcelona) y Tarraco (Tarragona): una investigación interdisciplinar a través de la integración de datos arqueomorfológicos y paleoambientales
Palet i Martínez, Josep M.; Orengo Romeu, Hector A.; Riera i Mora, Santiago
This paper deals with the contribution of Landscape Archaeology to the study of centuriations. The investigation is based on a diachronic and interdisciplinary perspective and explores the applicability of gis. The article presents data from two case studies, the territories of Tarraco (Tarragona) and Barcino (Barcelona), offering some ideas about the meaning and function of Roman centuriations. Both territories show a strong territorial organization based on the model of centuriation, together with a complex land-use. Therefore, centuriation does not necessarily imply intensive landscape exploitation. In this sense, palaeo-environmental evidence shows a Roman landscape characterised by the absence of both an extensive deforestation and a general extension of agricultural areas. The data reinforce the symbolic and representational meaning of the centuriation model.
90 - Arqueologia. Prehistòria
Arqueologia del paisatge -- Barcelona (Catalunya)
Arqueologia del paisatge -- Tarragona (Catalunya)
Tarragona (Catalunya) -- Arqueologia romana
Barcelona (Catalunya) -- Arqueologia romana
Paleoecologia -- Barcelona (Catalunya)
Paleoecologia -- Tarragona (Catalunya)
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