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Nous paradigmes en l'ensenyament de la història. New paradigms in teaching history
Prats, Joaquim, 1949-; Santacana, Joan, 1948-
Universitat de Barcelona
This paper provides a vision of both digital society and new information and communication technologies in education in relation to the teaching of history. It explains how culture has built extensions of us and reviews the value that has been given to memory up to the ability for abstraction, relating it to the learning of history. Learning patterns vary with the emergence of the mobile phone, a new intelligence that incorporates telephone and computer and represents the largest extension of human beings, that is, a digitally based mind with multiple intelligences. The authors defend the importance of disseminating and implementing the use of new technologies in the teaching of history as well as the aims related to the learning of this social science. The paper ends with a reflection on disciplinary knowledge, which includes the method, since the practice of methodological skills is only learned exercising them.
Didàctica de la història
Tecnologia educativa
History teaching methods
Educational technology
cc-by-nc-nd (c) Prats, Joaquim, 1949- et al., 2015
Institut d'Estudis Catalans

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