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New Insights on the Question Particle "a" in Sardinian
Mensching, Guido
The article analyzes the Sardinian question particle a in yes/no ‘special’ questions.Following Obenauer (2004, 2006), this particle is taken to mark special interrogativeclauses that cannot be answered with yes or no as they denote invitations or requests,express surprise, are biased towards an answer, or are rhetorical questions. Due to itsadditional focalization properties, the question particle a is analysed as a head mergedin Foc° and moved to one of Obenauer’s SpIntPs (special interrogative phrases).Furthermore, as in a-questions nominal constituents are obligatorily dislocated, theauthor argues that DPs are extracted to a functional projection beneath FocP before theremnant TP is moved to [spec, FocP]
Sard -- Interrogació
Sardinian language -- Interrogation
Gramàtica comparada i general -- Interrogació
Grammar, Comparative and general -- Interrogative
Attribution 3.0 Spain
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; Universitat de Girona

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