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Sensibilidad y especificidad de la valoración de padres y profesores de los síntomas del trastorno de atención con hiperactividad.
Amador, Juan Antonio; Forns, Maria, 1946-; Martorell Balanzó, Bernadí
Universitat de Barcelona
The clinical utility of parent and teacher rating of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) symptoms was studied by Receiver Operating Cuwe Analysis. The sample comprised 124 subjects with ages between 4 and 12 years old (62 children with Learning disorders or ADHD and 62 controls, paired by sex and age). The results show that teacher and parent ratings permit un accurate classification of subjects in a control or clinical group. Cut-off points for parent and teacher ratings were established for the DSM-IVA DHD symptoms checklist and the attention profiles from Achenbach's CBCL and TRF.
Trastorns per dèficit d'atenció amb hiperactivitat en els infants
Trastorns de l'aprenentatge
Psicopatologia infantil
Attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity in children
Learning disabilities
Child psychopathology
(c) Universitat de Barcelona, 2001
Universitat de Barcelona

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Amador, Juan Antonio; Forns, Maria, 1946-; Martorell Balanzó, Bernadí
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