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¿Y después del accidente? Las necesidades psicosociales de las personas con traumatismo craneoencefálico y de sus familiares = What happens after the accident? Psychosocial needs of people with traumatic brain injury and their families
Gifre Monreal, Mariona; Gil, Àngel; Pla, Laura; Roig Rovira, Teresa; Monreal i Bosch, Pilar
Cap -- Ferides i lesions
Head -- Wounds and injuries
Psicologia clínica
Clinical psychology
Qualitat de vida
Quality of life
Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Spain
Elsevier España

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Monreal i Bosch, Pilar; Gifre Monreal, Mariona; Tarrés, Alba; Valle Gómez, Arantza del
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