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Spatial analysis of compositional data : a historical review
Pawlowsky-Glahn, Vera; Egozcue Rubí, Juan José
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. COSDA-UPC - COmpositional and Spatial Data Analysis
Like the statistical analysis of compositional data in general, spatial analysis of compositional data requires specific tools. A historical overview of their development is presented in three steps: (a) the recognition of the problem, known as spurious spatial covariance, (b) first attempts to use the logratio approach, and (c) the application of the principle of working in coordinates using isometric logratio representations. Also mentioned are the use of matrix-valued variation-variograms as a tool to model crossvariograms, and the simplicial approach to indicator kriging, that solves inconsistencies in the standard approach to indicator kriging.
Peer Reviewed
Geology--Statistical methods
Compositional data analysis
Simplicial indicator kriging
Geologia -- Mètodes estadístics

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