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The role of urbanisation on international migrations. A case study of EU and ENP countries
Royuela Mora, Vicente
Universitat de Barcelona
This article estimates the impact of the urbanisation rates as pull factor of international migration between the European Union and the countries involved in the European Neighbouring Policy. The 1970-2000 period was investigated by using a gravitational model and estimates were obtained by using a a wide fixed-effects structure. The main finding was that changes in urbanisation matter more as a pull factor than changes in GDP per capita. This may be linked to the existence of greater opportunities arising in growing cities and to the fact that in the period of analysis these opportunities had been more important in small and medium sized cities than in large cities. In addition, it appears that immigrants not only look for monetary outcomes by migrating, but also cue on non-economic territorial features.
Política d'emigració i immigració
Europa de l'Est
Política urbana
Desenvolupament econòmic
Emigration and immigration policy
Eastern Europe
Urban policy
City planning
Economic development
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