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Una aproximación al stock de infraestructuras español (1844-1935)
Herranz Loncán, Alfonso
Universitat de Barcelona
This papers presents an annual series of the Spanish infrastructure stock between 1844 and 1935 and tries to ascertain to what extent it responded to the needs of the Spanish economy. A comparison with other European economies of the time, both in stock and in physical terms, shows a situation of relative infrastructure shortage in Spain, which progressively deteriorated during the period under analysis. That shortage did probably set a constraint on the Spanish economic growth during the century prior to the Civil War.
Història econòmica
Indicadors econòmics
Infraestructures (Transport)
Economic history
Economic indicators
Transportation buildings
(c) Instituto Figuerola de Historia y Ciencias Sociales, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 2001
Cambridge University Press

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