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Impact of fashion specialized discourse ¿ a case study 1 on the speech of French youths
Sheridam, Jennifer
This study determines whether fashion terms from the fashion field are being accepted and integrated 6 into the speech of the young French adults under 25 years of age. In addition, the nature and factors for 7 this integration, as well as the most integrated terms are discussed. Fashion terms were selected from a 8 corpus and the favourite language of use for each concept was investigated by means of a questionnaire-9 based social survey. We identified a clear integration of English fashion-specialised terms in the speech 10 of young French adults; given a list of terms, they were shown to favour the use of English alternatives 11 in approximately half of the cases. However, time, usage and area factors could not explain the greater 12 integration of certain terms over other ones. Data about the increase of technology development indicate 13 a possible continuation of the integration growth in the future.
Young adults
Specialised discourse
Fashion field
Bachelor thesis
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

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