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Entropy solutions for the $p(x)$-Laplace equations
Sanchón, Manel; Urbano, José Miguel
Universitat de Barcelona
We consider a Dirichlet problem in divergence form with variable growth, modeled on the $ p(x)$-Laplace equation. We obtain existence and uniqueness of an entropy solution for $ L^1$ data, as well as integrability results for the solution and its gradient. The proofs rely crucially on a priori estimates in Marcinkiewicz spaces with variable exponent, for which we obtain new inclusion results of independent interest.
Equacions en derivades parcials
Operadors el·líptics
Anàlisi funcional no lineal
Partial differential equations
Elliptic operator
Nonlinear functional analysis
(c) American Mathematical Society (AMS), 2009
American Mathematical Society (AMS)

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