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Feed-forward segmentation of figure-ground and assignment of border-ownership
Supèr, Hendrik Anne; Keil, Matthias; Romeo Val, August
Universitat de Barcelona
Figure-ground is the segmentation of visual information into objects and their surrounding backgrounds. Two main processes herein are boundary assignment and surface segregation, which rely on the integration of global scene information. Recurrent processing either by intrinsic horizontal connections that connect surrounding neurons or by feedback projections from higher visual areas provide such information, and are considered to be the neural substrate for figure-ground segmentation. On the contrary, a role of feedforward projections in figure-ground segmentation is unknown. To have a better understanding of a role of feedforward connections in figure-ground organization, we constructed a feedforward spiking model using a biologically plausible neuron model. By means of surround inhibition our simple 3-layered model performs figure-ground segmentation and one-sided border-ownership coding. We propose that the visual system uses feed forward suppression for figure-ground segmentation and border-ownership assignment.
Còrtex visual
Visual cortex
cc-by (c) Supèr, Hendrik Anne et al., 2010
Public Library of Science (PLoS)

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