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Kinesics and proxemics communication of expert and novice PE teachers
Castañer Balcells, Marta; Camerino Foguet, Oleguer; Anguera Argilaga, María Teresa; Jonsson, G.K.
Universitat de Barcelona
The aim of the study is to analyse the sequential paraverbal communication used while teaching by expert and novice PE teachers. Four expert and four novice teachers were observed using a coding scheme of paraverbal behavior. The detection of temporal patterns using Theme v.5 enabled sequential analyses of paraverbal behaviour. The results indicate that compared to expert teachers, novice teachers used a greater number of gestures and did not always make effective use of the teaching space. Their gestures were also less qualitative in nature as they did not take full advantage of the communicative possibilities offered by some of the gestures analysed
Mestres d'educació física
Professors novells
Physical education teachers
First year teachers
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