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A comparison between brewing beer and making wine
Alemany Bonastre, Jordi
Schmidt, Poul
This project tries to explain the brewing process with the purpose to brew a small quantity of beer, at the same time analyses different characteristics of the beer and raw materials to determine the quality of the beer. These characteristics are: carbon dioxide, nitrogen, phosphates, alcohol and diacetyl content, bitterness, calcium, color, pH, and real extract. The characteristics of the beer are compared among a normal commercial beer, our beer and the values in the bibliography. The main process in the beer is the fermentation, to explain and understand this process has been monitored some parameters that will help to build a model of the reaction. The principal parameters to monitor are the sugar content, the temperature and the number of yeast cells. The project, as the title shows, has another goal that is compare the beer process with the process of making wine. To do this, the wine process is explained, and then it is commented the similarities and differences of both process. Also, it is proposed a layout. As well, the project finally tries to make an economic analysis of a microbrewery, and to provide a simulation of the process with simulation software, included in the annexes.
Àrees temàtiques de la UPC::Enginyeria química::Química analítica
Wine and wine making--Analysis
Aalborg University Esbjerg

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