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Electronic design automation
Lorente González, Silvia
Murray, Michael
The project that I chose was Electronic Design Automation. The reason that I chose it was because of my interest in the design of boards and also to improve my English. This project gives me the chance to expand my knowledge of design with OrCAD. The objective of this project is to draw schematics, simulate and Layout PCB as proposed by lecturers to the first year students. The purpose is to study them, build them and explain step by step their design. The project is for first year students. It is a tool to help students who will have to learn to draw electronic schemes with their own simulations and to obtain the necessary "photo litho" to make the printed circuit. Some general concepts are explained to the student to help them achieve some knowledge about the boards design. In summary, the project is to generate a tutorial, which explains in detail what one needs to know and how to do specific circuits.
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Electronic circuit design
Circuits electrònics--Disseny i construcció
Cork Institute of Technology

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