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Rescue drone: design and simulation
Maqueda Castellote, Javier
Ramprasad, C.
Lately the authorities of the fireman department of Catalonia have notice a highly increasing of accidents at the mountains. The adventure sports are being a modern society way of life which people are exposing themselves to a difficult and risky environment without any knowledge of what it implies. The result is the increasing number of important accidents which unfortunately people can lost his life. The first question it should be studied is: What are the tools of the “fireman mountain rescue department” in order to be efficient and to obtain satisfactory results concerning the mountain rescues? The main and more useful tool is the helicopter. It allows a fast displacement in such a difficult environment where there are no roads and the ground is irregular. Moreover it reduce the difficulty and most important it reduce the time of identifying where the targets are. But that tool leads to a second question: Under what conditions the department can use this machine? The answer is obvious, because of the possibility of accidents, only in good weather conditions and with a wide range of visibility. So finally this leads to the third and final question: What happens if the rescue department cannot use the helicopter? Then the rescue is slower, increasing the target searching towards 4 or 5 hours. So that is a real and huge problem, for a human four or five hours under 3000 m altitude conditions can be the difference between life and dead. Here it comes the purpose of the project: The design of a drone with the aim of flying under the non-permitted helicopter conditions and with the goal of search and locate the exact position of injured targets. That will offer a safe and fast searching without professional rescue lives in danger. The operation zone will be located at the Pyrenees.
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Drone aircraft -- Design and construction
Search and rescue operations
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Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya;
Sastra University

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