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Team Nobiskrug
Davison, Karyn; Casellas Gordillo, Rosa Maria; Karbowiak, Patryk; Weis, Stephan
Geisler, Rainer
This document is the final report produced by the “Team Nobiskrug” of the European Project Semester 2013 in Kiel/Germany. Within the project, the team consisting of four international bachelor students conducted a project for Nobiskrug GmbH. Nobiskrug is one of the leading manufacturers of mega yachts, which includes yachts larger than 60m. The group were presented with a problem from the Warranty and Aftersales department within the company, to which they were required to produce a solution. The initial problem with the previous system regarding aftersales activities was that the workflows lacked clear definition and due to the missing structure, therefore the process documentation was ineffective. The aim of the project was to develop a web-based tool to improve processes regarding warranty and aftersales services. With the time given, the team aimed to develop a specification book in order to aid the company in their collaboration with the provider responsible of producing and programming the tool. The project team were present to support Nobiskrug in their primary phase of setting up the tool, aiding their decisions and producing a secure base for the future.
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Web applications
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