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Water lens solar heater
Delgado, Sergio; Puig, Jordi
Nowadays, one of the main problems in the 21 st Century is the extinction of the fossil energy so urces. Furthermore, they contribute in the planet warming and many health problems in large industrial cities. Since these problems have arisen , renewable energy techniques are becoming more popular in the industry of energy, although it is not as vast as it could potentially be. That is because they don’t generate as much money as the fossil energy sources . T he production could potentially be the same or higher but the maintenance required is also higher and needs to be conducted more frequently. Having th is in mind, we created a prototype to control solar energy for our own profit to get enough thermal energy in one place by redirecting solar beams into a single direction . By redirect ing those beams, we create d a highly concentrated beam that has enough he at to cook, boil water or any other use that we can find. This idea is primar il y thought to benefit countries tha t do not have a stable energy source. Our energy will be provided solely by the sun, which is the main factor of worry . The best counties to ga in the most benefit of this idea would be African countries in which energy is expensive and hard to find, plus the s un there has a lot of thermal power compared to other countries . It is therefore possible to create very powerful beams. With the research that we did, we were able to create a n experimental version, to test if the idea was viable and worked as we thought . T his was a long - period project. As soon as it was clear the project worked, it was essential to finds ways of improving it , by optimizing the entire project and the quality of the materials used, such as the plastic lens and the mirrors. This report is done chronologically , as if it were a diary. Initially, the main idea is explained and what options we thought would improve it . After that, each part of our project is explained in the order it was conducted .
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Heat storage
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Energia solar
Nottingham Trent University

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