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Open Organization Networks: Combining closure and openness in the social world of an European Buddhist Monastery
Rodriguez, Josep A. (Josep Antoni); Arroyo Moliner, Liliana
Universitat de Barcelona
We present a social network study of a southern European Buddhist monastery that aimed at taking Buddhism from the monastery to society. It is an interesting experiment of fusion between Buddhism and the west and of its adaptation to modern times and new lands. We adopt the relational perspective to understand its adaptation process, the organizational forms used, its dynamics, its life, and its relations with the surrounding society. Our study shows that the use of social relations has been essential for the success of the organization and its project. The social system they created is rich, complex, and has a great capacity for offering services and taking action. It is an interesting case of relation between meaning and form. The meaning, the project, generates a specific organizational form (networks) to guarantee the closure necessary for certain functions and the necessary openness for its project towards society.
Xarxes socials
Forma (Filosofia)
Social networks
Form (Philosophy)
cc-by (c) Rodríguez, Josep A. et al., 2014
Scientific Research Publishing

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