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Radiological findings in young children investigated for tuberculosis in mozambique
García-Basteiro, Alberto L.; López-Varela, Elisa; Augusto, Orvalho; Gondo, Kizito; Muñoz, José; Sacarlal, Jahit; Marais, Ben; Alonso, Pedro; Ribo, José L.
INTRODUCTION: Chest radiography remains a critical tool for diagnosing intrathoracic tuberculosis (TB) in young children who are unable to expectorate. We describe the radiological findings in children under 3 years of age investigated for TB in the district of Manhica, southern Mozambique, an area with a high prevalence of TB and HIV. METHODS: Digital antero-posterior and lateral projections were performed and reviewed by two independent readers, using a standardized template. Readers included a local pediatrician and a pediatric radiologist blinded to all clinical information. International consensus case definitions for intra-thoracic TB in children were applied. RESULTS: A total of 766 children were evaluated of whom 43 (5.6%) had TB. The most frequent lesion found in TB cases was air space consolidation (65.1%), followed by suggestive hilar lymphadenopathy (17.1%) and pleural effusion (7.0%). Air space consolidation was significantly more common in TB cases than in non-TB cases (odds ratio 8.9; 95% CI: 1.6-50.5), as were hilar lymphadenopathy (OR 17.2; 95% CI: 5.7-52.1). The only case with miliary infiltrates and 3 with pleural effusions occurred in HIV-infected children. CONCLUSION: Frequent air space consolidation complicates radiological distinction between TB and bacterial pneumonia in young children, underscoring the need for epidemiological contextualization and consideration of all relevant signs and symptoms.
Diagnòstic radiològic
Malalties dels infants
Radioscopic diagnosis
Children's diseases
cc by (c) García-Basteiro et al., 2015
Public Library of Science (PLoS)

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