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Global Call to Action to scale-up coverage of intermittent preventive treatment of malaria in pregnancy: seminar report
Agarwal, K.; Alonso, Pedro; Chico, R. M.; Coleman, J.; Dellicour, S.; Hill, J.; Majeres-Lugand, M.; Mangiaterra, V.; Menéndez, Clara; Mitchell, K.; Roman, E.; Sicuri, Elisa; Tagbor, H.; Eijk, A. M. van; Webster, J.
Medicina preventiva
Preventive medicine
cc by (c) Agarwal et al., 2015
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Chico, R. M.; Dellicour, S.; Roman, E.; Mangiaterra, V.; Coleman, J.; Menéndez, Clara; Majeres-Lugand, M.; Webster, J.; Hill, J.
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