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Vaccinations in prisons: A shot in the arm for community health
Sequera, V. G.; Valencia, Salomé; García-Basteiro, Alberto L.; Marco, A.; Bayas Rodríguez, José María
From the first day of imprisonment, prisoners are exposed to and expose other prisoners to various communicable diseases, many of which are vaccine-preventable. The risk of acquiring these diseases during the prison sentence exceeds that of the general population. This excess risk may be explained by various causes; some due to the structural and logistical problems of prisons and others to habitual or acquired behaviors during imprisonment. Prison is, for many inmates, an opportunity to access health care, and is therefore an ideal opportunity to update adult vaccination schedules. The traditional idea that prisons are intended to ensure public safety should be complemented by the contribution they can make in improving community health, providing a more comprehensive vision of safety that includes public health.
Malalties infeccioses
Salut pública
Communicable diseases
Public health
cc by-nc (c) Sequera et al., 2015
Taylor & Francis Group

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