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La població de Sphagnum subnitens al Massís de l'Ardenya (nordest de Catalunya)
Vilar Sais, Lluís; Font, Blanca; Jover Benjumea, Miquel; Viñas i Teixidor, Xavier; Lapeña, Roger
The only non-Pyrenean population of the moss Sphagnum subnitens Russow & Warnst grows at the Ardenya massif (NE part of Iberian Peninsula), where it occupies less than 1 m2. It was found at 1980 and the population has been decreased in the last years, and it is in great danger of disappearing. We make a description of the evolution of the habitat in the last three years, and we have done the first cartography in detail of this population. In addition, we suggest some criteria for its management
Molses -- Catalunya -- Ardenya (Massís)
Mosses -- Catalonia -- Ardenya, Mountain
Reconeixement-NoComercial-SenseObraDerivada 3.0 Espanya
Institut d'Estudis Catalans. Institució Catalana d'Història Natural

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