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Avantprojecte d'Aeroport a Peralada
Cumelles Cespedes, Joel
Huerta Carrillo, María
In this preliminary draft has been developed a proposal to create a viable Hub airport near Peralada. The idea starts of being the third Hub airport of Skyteam airlines alliance in Europe, with Paris, Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam, Schiphol. Airports of these characteristics require a reference airline company that used the airport as a base of operations to perform this own function of Hub. This airline is Air Europe, which was supposed that take all base of operations at the airport of Peralada, becoming the main airport and leaving in second plan the airport of Madrid, Barajas. To create a Hub airport with reliable data has based in the flight plan for day type in 2025 elaborated for Iberia and Aena in the Barcelona Airport. The content treated in the location report are social and economic analysis of Peralada, the town and air compatibility location, the affectation to naturals areas with the acoustic pollution, with hydrology and the alteration of the biological habitat, a study of the geological composition and geomorphological of the ground, an evaluation of the road network and of the services offered in the region, aside of a detailed climatological study. With the planning has dealt the destinations and the fleet of Skyteam alliance that will operate more frequently at the airport. With these topics considerate, is designed and dimensioned the different elements that make up the airside and the landside. Finally, to make the topics more real and help with the visualization of the concepts, we used the AutoCAD program to create a design detailed of the airport concepts as maps and figures helping at the final representation. Aside of the AutoCAD program, we used the INM program for acoustic topics, REDIM for the fast exit taxiway runway and the ArcGIS program to geographic analysis of the area.
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