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Avaluació per a la millora de l'aprenentatge: experiències de doble correcció
Alcañiz, Manuela; Riera i Prunera, Maria Carme; Santolino, Miguel
Universitat de Barcelona
The quality of university education feeds on the specific contributions academics make to improve our everyday teaching. This paper analyzes some innovative experiences of formative assessment aimed at improving the teaching of Statistics, which are easily to extrapolate to other studies. We detail the implementation of the double correction, consisting of correcting students' work twice. With the first correction, carried out by classmates according to a rubric developed by the academic, possible errors or deficiencies are discovered; whereas in the second correction of the work, once upgraded, the professor evaluates and finally grades the work.
Avaluació educativa
Innovacions educatives
Educational evaluation
Educational innovations
cc-by (c) Alcañiz, Manuela et al., 2012
Congrés Internacional de Docència Universitària i Innovació (CIDUI)

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