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Long-term functional improvements in the 2-year treatment of schizophrenia outpatients with olanzapine long-acting injection 
Ascher-Svanum, Haya; Novick, Diego; Haro Abad, Josep Maria; Bertsch, Jordan; McDonnell, David; Detke, Holland
Universitat de Barcelona
BACKGROUND: Little is known about the long-term changes in the functioning of schizophrenia patients receiving maintenance therapy with olanzapine long-acting injection (LAI), and whether observed changes differ from those seen with oral olanzapine. METHODS: This study describes changes in the levels of functioning among outpatients with schizophrenia treated with olanzapine-LAI compared with oral olanzapine over 2 years. This was a secondary analysis of data from a multicenter, randomized, open-label, 2-year study comparing the long-term treatment effectiveness of monthly olanzapine-LAI (405 mg/4 weeks; n=264) with daily oral olanzapine (10 mg/day; n=260). Levels of functioning were assessed with the Heinrichs-Carpenter Quality of Life Scale. Functional status was also classified as 'good', 'moderate', or 'poor', using a previous data-driven approach. Changes in functional levels were assessed with McNemar's test and comparisons between olanzapine-LAI and oral olanzapine employed the Student's t-test. RESULTS: Over the 2-year study, the patients treated with olanzapine-LAI improved their level of functioning (per Quality of Life total score) from 64.0-70.8 (P<0.001). Patients on oral olanzapine also increased their level of functioning from 62.1-70.1 (P<0.001). At baseline, 19.2% of the olanzapine-LAI-treated patients had a 'good' level of functioning, which increased to 27.5% (P<0.05). The figures for oral olanzapine were 14.2% and 24.5%, respectively (P<0.001). Results did not significantly differ between olanzapine-LAI and oral olanzapine. CONCLUSION: In this 2-year, open-label, randomized study of olanzapine-LAI, outpatients with schizophrenia maintained or improved their favorable baseline level of functioning over time. Results did not significantly differ between olanzapine-LAI and oral olanzapine.
Qualitat de vida
Antipsychotic drugs
Quality of life
cc-by-nc (c) Ascher-Svanum, H. et al., 2014
Dove Medical Press

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