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El territorio y la ciudad de Tarraco
Macias Solé, Josep Maria
This paper presents a brief description of the archaeological research in the territory and in the city of Tarraco, the ancient capital of provincia Hispania Tarraconensis and one of the main centres for the spread of Hispanic Christianity. Althoug Tarraco was the last capital under imperial control and the firs Hispanic metropolitan see, the city had only a secondary role by comparison with other Hispanic cities during late antiquity. This evolution shaped the development of Tarraco during the 7th century, but archaeologists identify an important architectural vitality still in the 6th century at the same time as other episcopal cities were evolving. During this period, the final Christianization of the symbolic spaces of ancient paganism took place, establishing the ideological basis of medieval urbanism that is still preserved today. The paper also interprets the sites through raising key questions as well as describing rural settlements, where archaeological knowledge is not so far advanced, due in part to the difficult nature of archaeological research, and in part to the need to study new construcitve models, as well as to the systematic collection of the relevant material culture.
90 - Arqueologia. Prehistòria
Tarragona (Catalunya) -- Arqueologia romana
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