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Desenvolupar competències ètiques a l'educació musical i corporal. Un estudi empíric als estudis de mestre en educació infantil a la Universitat de Barcelona
Gustems Carnicer, Josep; Sánchez, Josep; Calderón Garrido, Caterina; Godall, Teresa; Sánchez, Lydia; Casadevall, M.; Marín, Estel
Universitat de Barcelona
This paper presents an ongoing investigation regarding ethical competence, protective factors, strengths of character and coping strategies analyzed in a sample of students in Early Childhood Education Degree from the University of Barcelona. Along with a theoretical study will be an observational study using standardized instruments and standardized, which include the VIA-IS questionnaire Seligman. With all that is expected to draw conclusions to improve the training of teachers in kindergarten, especially since the subjects of musical expression and body where they develop these skills ethics.
Competències transversals
Educació infantil
Expressió corporal
Ensenyament de la música
Generic competences
Preschool education
Music education
cc-by-nc-nd (c) Gustems Carnicer, Josep et al., 2012

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