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The adequacy of different robust statistical tests in comparing two independent groups
Peró, Maribel; Guàrdia Olmos, Joan
Universitat de Barcelona
In the current study, we evaluated various robust statistical methods for comparing two independent groups. Two scenarios for simulation were generated: one of equality and another of population mean differences. In each of the scenarios, 33 experimental conditions were used as a function of sample size, standard deviation and asymmetry. For each condition, 5000 replications per group were generated. The results obtained by this study show an adequate type error I rate but not a high power for the confidence intervals. In general, for the two scenarios studied (mean population differences and not mean population differences) in the different conditions analysed, the Mann-Whitney U-test demonstrated strong performance, and a little worse the t-test of Yuen-Welch.
Estadística robusta
Robust statistics
(c) Peró, Maribel et al., 2013
Universitat de València

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