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Splat-based surface reconstruction from defect-laden point sets
Campos Dausà, Ricard; García Campos, Rafael; Alliez, Pierre; Yvinec, Mariette
We introduce a method for surface reconstruction from point sets that is able to cope with noise and outliers. First, a splat-based representation is computed from the point set. A robust local 3D RANSAC-based procedure is used to filter the point set for outliers, then a local jet surface - a low-degree surface approximation - is fitted to the inliers. Second, we extract the reconstructed surface in the form of a surface triangle mesh through Delaunay refinement. The Delaunay refinement meshing approach requires computing intersections between line segment queries and the surface to be meshed. In the present case, intersection queries are solved from the set of splats through a 1D RANSAC procedure
Delaunay, Triangulació de
Delaunay triangulation
Imatges tridimensionals
Three-dimensional imaging
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