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Efficient image mosaicing for multi-robot visual underwater mapping
Elibol, Armagan; Kim, Jinwhan; Grácias, Nuno Ricardo Estrela; García Campos, Rafael
Robotic platforms have advanced greatly in terms of their remote sensing capabilities, including obtaining optical information using cameras. Alongside these advances, visual mapping has become a very active research area, which facilitates the mapping of areas inaccessible to humans. This requires the efficient processing of data to increase the final mosaic quality and computational efficiency. In this paper, we propose an efficient image mosaicing algorithm for large area visual mapping in underwater environments using multiple underwater robots. Our method identifies overlapping image pairs in the trajectories carried out by the different robots during the topology estimation process, being this a cornerstone for efficiently mapping large areas of the seafloor. We present comparative results based on challenging real underwater datasets, which simulated multi-robot mapping
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Computer vision
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Image processing
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Robots mòbils
Mobile robots
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