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Comparative effects of macro-sized aluminum oxide and aluminum oxide nanoparticles on erythrocyte hemolysis: influence of cell source, temperature and size
Vinardell Martínez-Hidalgo, Ma. Pilar; Sordé, A.; Díaz Marcos, Jordi; Baccarin, T.; Mitjans Arnal, Montserrat
Universitat de Barcelona
Al2O3 is the most abundantly produced nanomaterial and has been used in diverse fields, including the medical, military and industrial sectors. As there are concerns about the health effects of nanoparticles, it is important to understand how they interact with cells, and specifically with red blood cells. The hemolysis induced by three commercial nano-sized aluminum oxide particles (nanopowder 13 nm, nanopowder <50 nm and nanowire 2-6 nm × 200-400 nm) was compared to aluminum oxide and has been studied on erythrocytes from humans, rats and rabbits, in order to elucidate the mechanism of action and the influence of size and shape on hemolytic behavior. The concentrations inducing 50% hemolysis (HC50) were calculated for each compound studied. The most hemolytic aluminum oxide particles were of nanopowder 13, followed by nanowire and nanopowder 50. The addition of albumin to PBS induced a protective effect on hemolysis in all the nano-forms of Al2O3, but not on Al2O3. The drop in HC50 correlated to a decrease in nanomaterial size, which was induced by a reduction of aggregation Aluminum oxide nanoparticles are less hemolytic than other oxide nanoparticles, and behave differently depending on the size and shape of the nanoparticles. The hemolytic behavior of aluminum oxide nanoparticles differs from that of aluminum oxide.
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Vinardell Martínez-Hidalgo, Ma. Pilar; Sordé, A.; Díaz Marcos, Jordi; Baccarin, T.; Mitjans Arnal, Montserrat
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